BCTCBluegrass Community and Technical College (Kentucky)
BCTCBritish Columbia Transmission Corporation (public electric utility)
BCTCBuilding and Construction Trades Council (Atlanta, GA)
BCTCBattle Command Training Center
BCTCBritish Columbia Treaty Commission
BCTCBritish Columbia Touring Council
BCTCBedford County Technical Center (Everett, Pennsylvania)
BCTCBattle Command Training Course
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Massaquoi to head BCTC is an alleged act of taking the college back to its darks days.
Today, Kraytem says the container terminal is again quickly approaching capacity levels -- BCTC says TEUs last year totaled 1,211,033 -- and in only a few years will create a bottleneck in the unloading and loading of containers onto vessels, thereby slowing shipment times and placing the port's competitiveness vis-a-vis regional ports in jeopardy.
Our goal is to drastically increase the number of Latino graduates who are prepared for transfer or career placement and who are witting to return to BCTC as mentors or volunteers for our students and programs.
The Vice Chief of Staff of the Army has emphasized that a "focused approach to training" yields "unit agility and versatility"--and the BCTC executes this mandate.
21) In effect, it discriminated against out-of-province rights holders, since BC Hydro bought virtually all of the newly created rights (22) and might be considered an affiliate of BCTC by virtue of their common ownership by the provincial government.
Additionally BCTCs and Centers of Excellence will receive the BCST program and NET based on delivery coordination.
With this in mind, he suggests reforms to the BCTC to provide it with greater financial and political independence and a direct role in mediating treaty disputes--transforming its function from that of a passive manager to an effective governor of the treaty process.
The BCTC, which opened in 2005, replaced 16 older buildings that housed portions of Fort Lewis' training-simulation community.
But Dave Pennick, vice president of the BCTC, revealed: "I am a massive supporter of a stadium being built at the former Maysfield Leisure Centre complex in the centre of Belfast, but at this moment our voice is finding deaf ears.
Moreover, the BCTC is equipped with few powers other than that of "moral suasion" for policing the parties' faithfulness to these negotiation guidelines.
You are obviously advocating and representing the interests of only those First Nations in the [British Columbia Treaty Commission] process, against the interests' of the UBCIC and its members who are not in the BCTC negotiation process.
The BCTC consists of twenty-seven local labor unions representing construction workers in Contra Costa County, California.