BCTGMBakery Confectionery Tobacco and Grain Millers
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Jethro Head, BCTGM International Vice President who chaired the Union negotiating team together with International Secretary-Treasurer Steven Bertelli, was assisted by representatives of each of the local unions.
The litany of charges stemmed from BCTGM (Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers' International Union) allegations of company actions on the lead up to the free and fair NLRB supervised election held June 2nd and 3rd 2012 at the firm's London, Kentucky manufacturing plant.
We are pleased we were able to work with the BCTGM to agree on a contract that helps ensure our U.
The workers there overwhelmingly rejected BCTGM union representation.
In responding to the company's announcement, BCTGM International Vice President and lifelong Chicago resident, Jethro Head, states, "The announcement by Mondelyoz is not a surprise and validates exactly what the BCTGM said when we met with its representatives in May - that the company had already decided that it was going to put the new production lines in Mexico.
We chose to bring this issue to a vote and were pleased that they soundly rejected the BCTGM, opting for keeping a union-free workplace.
More than 1,000 workers at the plant are represented by BCTGM Local 300.
The BCTGM has contended that Kellogg's proposals in local bargaining would have changed already agreed upon wage rates and benefits for regular employees, thus modifying the terms and conditions contained in the Master Contract that governs such terms and is in effect until October 2015.
Throughout this long and difficult process, BCTGM members showed tremendous courage, solidarity and devotion to principle.
IBC has said that if agreements regarding modifications to the collective bargaining agreements with the Company's two principal labor unions, the BCTGM and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, are not reached by September 30, 2007, then it would seek approval of the Bankruptcy Court to extend the exclusive periods within which to file and solicit acceptances of a plan of reorganization for thirty (30) days from the existing deadlines of October 5, 2007 and January 5, 2008, respectively, in order for the Company to have an opportunity to formulate a rational strategy for maximizing value of the bankruptcy estates, including a sale of the Company and/or its assets in its entirety or in a series of transactions.
Commenting on the NLRB ruling, BCTGM International Union President David B.
We have had three days of long and productive discussions with representatives of BCTGM and are encouraged to report we have made progress finding solutions to the challenges facing IBC, including Path-to-Market and cost structure issues.