BCTMBrigade Combat Team Modernization (US Army)
BCTMBipolar/BiCMOS Circuits and Technology Meeting
BCTMBaptist Center for Theology and Ministry (New Orleans, Louisiana)
BCTMBasket Club la Tronche-Meylan (French basketball club)
BCTMBoulangerie, Confiserie, Tabac et Meunerie (French)
BCTMBasket Club Taverny/Montigny (French basketball club)
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It supports the overall sustainment concept for BCTM by providing logistics operation planning and execution capabilities.
LDMS provides the status and location of national-level assets of BCTM spares and repair parts to product support integrators and enables a guaranteed level of performance and system capability.
Sustainment technologies will provide critical logistics data in two areas defined by the warfighter as crucial for BCTM.
Compared to the capabilities of the proposed BCTM sustainment technologies, current force systems face the following deficiencies:
Readiness assessment and the transfer of sustainment data within the theater of operations to the DOD enterprise can be realized with the products being developed by BCTM and the architecture developed by CLOE.
BCTM sustainment technologies will provide the capabilities to realize the AILA architecture for PEO Integration.
To use the full capabilities of PS-MRS and LDSS to generate a common operating picture (COP) for logistics in increment 2 of BCTM, NIK can be integrated with the current force platforms.
BCTM sustainment technologies must meet the challenge of information assurance (IA) compliance.
The Department of the Army G-4 and CBM+ requirements can be realized with PEO Integration's BCTM sustainment technologies.
iRobot and Boeing developed the SUGV family of vehicles under a strategic alliance that began in 2007 as part of the Army's BCTM program.
The BCTM program's positive Milestone C decision and transition into LRIP are critical steps toward getting our T-UGS and U-UGS into the hands of warfighters," says Senior Vice President and General Manager Mark Catizone of Textron Defense Systems.