BCTPBattle Command Training Program
BCTPBerkeley Center for Theoretical Physics (Berkeley, CA)
BCTPBearer Control Tunnelling Protocol (Bearer Independent Call Control)
BCTPBuilding Code Training Program (Florida Building Commission)
BCTPBucks County Technology Partners
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Although somewhat self-explanatory, this is one of the greatest challenges observed during my time at BCTP and NTC.
Discussion topics led by BCTP included the operational environment and battle command from Field Manual (FM) 3-0, Operations; knowledge management from FM 6-0, Mission Command: Command and Control of Army Forces; battle staff synchronization, the military decisionmaking process, rapid decisionmaking, and the synchronization process from FM 5-0, The Operations Process; and targeting from FM 3-60, The Targeting Process.
The BCTP program win is critically important to Logicon," said Harlan Johnston, president of Logicon's Advanced Technology unit in San Pedro, Calif.
By creating a secure authentication between the mGen system, BCTP users and AKO, we are creating one less obstacle for users and IT administrators to jump over.
The TGDS produced by the Corps and divisional terrain teams contributed decisively to the decision-making process during every phase of the operation--from the BCTP seminar through the exercise.
Reprinted in significant part as an appendix to this note is the BCTP Study Guide that the Corps' Chief of International and Operational Law created, in accordance with the Corps SJA's guidance, to support the Corps OSJA BCTP preparations.
Created in 1986 to improve the decision-making, planning and execution of Army Corps and Division commanders and their staffs, the BCTP expanded recently to include selected Brigade-level commanders and staffs, primarily the Enhanced brigades of the National Guard.
Since 9-11, we have moved from the training battlefields of the Mohave Desert and BCTP simulations to combat operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Even now, providing a joint context in the "dirt" CTC and "virtual" BCTP training environments is focused primarily on tasks supporting the tactical level, providing nonorganic intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance support, fire support, or logistics.
It also includes retirees who have participated in BCTP exercises, troops who recently returned from Iraq, and many Soldiers who submitted ideas through a collaborative Web site.
The BCTP provides command and battle-staff training to commanders of corps, divisions, brigades, and their staffs; major subordinate commanders; and supporting special operations forces.
Further, when we mixed BCTP and Helicore to form NOVACLOR 401, we observed more than a 99% reduction in organisms of E.