BCTRBronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research (Cornell University; Ithaca, NY)
BCTRBusiness Coalition for Tax Reform (Melbourne, Australia)
BCTRBaltimore City Teaching Residency (Baltimore, MD)
BCTRBangladesh Centre for Terrorism Research (Bangladesh Institute of Peace and Security Studies)
BCTRBranch on Count Register (computing)
BCTRBerlin Cape Town Records (Germany)
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Based in Slough, just outside of London, the BCTR facilities are close enough for trading staff to access quickly, but located outside the metropolitan area to comply with regulatory guidelines for disaster recovery and continuity of operations.
The new BCTR offering in London expands upon currently available BCTR offerings in Hong Kong, Frankfurt, Munich, Dusseldorf, Milan, New York and Sao Paulo.
Bringing 4-H into the BCTR allows us to look for ways to integrate youth development practice with emerging research and evidenced-based practice.
Samana credits CITIZEN U, a program run by CCE and the BCTR, with helping her build self-confidence and develop her interest in technology after she emigrated from Bangladesh in 2013.
Casasola holds the Evalyn Edwards Milman '60 BCTR Faculty Fellowship, which the couple endowed with a $1.
Wildeman, a sociologist who studies the consequences of mass imprisonment, will co-organize a BCTR conference on children of incarcerated parents, followed by an edited book on the topic.
Equinix customers leveraged BCTR services to ensure trading rooms were kept active in Hong Kong during the SARS epidemic and the Bird Flu scare in 2003.
We've already seen success with BCTR in Hong Kong and Germany, and now North American customers will have access to these same services," Graham added.
In another example, the BCTR team found that soldiers who take financial literacy courses are more likely to avoid common money pitfalls.
Being anchored in the BCTR, 4-H educators, volunteers, and program leaders enjoy connections to youth development experts, and vice-versa.
The BCTR expands the outreach mission of the College of Human Ecology to further emphasize translational research, inviting community members, practitioners, and policymakers as active participants in the discovery process.
It is precisely these problems that translational research is intended to address and this is where the BCTR will make unique contributions.