BCTVBeet Curly Top Virus (plant disease)
BCTVBroadcast Television
BCTVBritish Trust for Conservation Volunteers
BCTVBritish Columbia Television
BCTVBeijing Cable Television
BCTVBritish Cinema and Television Veterans (UK)
BCTVBlue Collar Television (TV show)
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Walter Mann, station manager for BCTV and executive director of NHTV, said "We have been looking for a while for a cost-effective solution.
That was followed by "Pitfall," a quiz show hosted by Alex Trebek and taped in the Burnaby studios of BCTV.
Even BCTV, the province's biggest TV station, came and did a story on the famous White Raven of Haida Gwaii.
But in the third case, at BCTV, the arbitrator did not agree that the women had been sexually harassed.
2] genes, which together condition resistance to all known strains of BCMV and Bean common mosaic necrosis virus (BCMNV) and complete resistance to BCTV.
Richard Anderson, of BCTV, said the path would open up the Colne Valley's glorious countryside to new people.
I joined the Kitsumkalum homemakers for an information picket line near one of the proposed test sites, where CBC TV, CBC Radio and BCTV interviewed me.
where the Asper family's CanWest Global media empire includes the daily newspapers for Vancouver, Victoria, Nanaimo and most other towns, as well as BCTV and other smaller T.
For example, BCTV news writers claim that none of the questions are explosive, but I greatly disagree.
BCTV News (July 28, 1999) reported a dispute between the BCG EU and the Salvation Army.
The BBG licenses four private broadcasters to compete with the CBC/SRC: Tele--Metropole and CFCF in Montreal; CFTO in Toronto; BCTV in Vancouver.
President & Executive Producer BCTV Productions Laguna Niguel, Calif.