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BCVBanco Central de Venezuela
BCVBanque Cantonale Vaudoise
BCVBeach Club Villas (Disney resort)
BCVBanco de Cabo Verde (Portuguese: Bank of Cape Verde)
BCVBattle Command Vehicle
BCVBook Chapter Verse (biblical)
BCVBird Clubs of Virginia
BCVBadminton Club Vannetais (French badminton club)
BCVBadminton Club Voreppe (French badminton club)
BCVBall Carrier Vision (football)
BCVBasket Club Vauréen (French basketball club)
BCVBasket Club Vendenheim (French basketball club)
BCVBurgundy Crescent Volunteers, Inc.
BCVBasket Club Verdunois (French basketball club)
BCVBowling Club Vincennois (French bowling club)
BCVBillard Club Vicinois (French billiard club)
BCVBristol Commercial Vehicles Ltd. (UK)
BCVBéton Conventionnel Vibré (French; type of concrete0
BCVBadminton Club Verquin (Verquin, France)
BCVBuilding Commission Victoria (Australia)
BCVB-Complex Vitamin (health product)
BCVBovine Coronavirus
BCVBest Case Value
BCVBusiness Continuous Volume (EMC frame storage)
BCVBusiness Continuance Volumes (EMC Technology)
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In August the president of the BCV was removed from her post.
A proporção de BCV para o estrato inferior (0 a 7 cm) foi próxima de 40%, com exceção do verão (50%), pelo fato de, neste período, a forrageira ter seu potencial de crescimento maximizado pelas condições climáticas favoráveis (Figura 1) e os animais consumirem preferencialmente lâminas foliares, ocorrendo alongamento dos colmos e aumentando sua proporção em relação aos demais constituintes estruturais da planta.
Both the BCV and Singh-Bery growth accounts for the economy as a whole show that the acceleration in growth from the mid 1980s was due less to an increase in factor inputs than to an increase in total factor productivity (TFP), unlike the period until 1983, when most of the growth was due to increased factor inputs.
So far, no suspicion has been cast on the statistics reported by the BCV.
The following abbreviations will be used in this article: ASR = Archivio di Stato, Rome; ASV = Archivio di Stato, Venice, and ACRS = Archivio delle corporazioni religiose soppresse in ASV; BCV = Biblioteca del Museo Correr, Venice; BNCF = Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale, Florence.
In time, the BCV hopes that the repos will become the de-facto interest rate benchmarks in domestic capital markets.
women's volleyball team lost to Cuba 15-11, 15-8, 8-15, 15-13 in the final day of pool play in the BCV Volley Cup in Montreux, Switzerland.
Subsidiary of the BCV, Piquet Aglland & Cie SA and St.
While each eatery will operate its own service space, Brookfield has partnered with AvroKO and BCV Architects to design the terrace with premier finishes and elegant seating throughout to create a uniform, upscale vibe fitting of the location and clientele.
The third biggest decline was for the category the BCV calls "furniture, accessories, decorations and rugs.
During a briefing at LU's Central London HQ yesterday, David Crawley, managing director of Infraco BCV, which maintains the Victoria, Bakerloo and Central lines, said the bolts would be replaced with an alternative style 'Rotabolts' on every motor in the fleet.
I have used the following abbreviations in the notes: ASV = Archivio di Stato, Venice; BCV = Biblioteca del Museo Correr, Venice.