BCVABritish Columbia Volleyball Association (Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada)
BCVABritish Cattle Veterinary Association (Gloucestershire, UK)
BCVABest-Corrected Distance Visual Acuity (cataract surgery)
BCVABest Corrected Visual Acuity
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The BVA and BCVA believe that the (UK) Government's approach has been robust and justifiable as it is based on our current scientific knowledge.
BCVA with Early Treatment Diabetic Retinopathy Study optotypes (Precision Vision; La Salle, Illinois) ranged from 20/10 to 20/125; 82 percent were 20/20 or better.
Eyes in the phakic IOL group were less likely to lose two or more lines of BCVA at 12 months.
The BCVA is supporting a pilot project in Norfolk and Suffolk run by London University, one of a number of educational institutions and testing laboratories which could become involved in a co-ordinated scheme.
There was no statistically significant difference in BCVA improvement in the subgroup of patients with less than three years' duration of DME at entry compared to control.
The later UK CND EPR audit conducted in 2009, and followed up since, found that 43% of patients had a preoperative BCVA of 6/12, or better.
The Bristol Auction Rooms currently operates from four sale-rooms in Bristol and Wells, and holds up to two sales a week in the area, including sales of commercial assets through BCVA.
19) Persistent haze was found to reduce the BCVA by 2 lines of acuity in 2.
Defra has agreed to act as facilitator and provide market funding to assist this pioneering initiative from the National Beef Association, which is backed by the BCVA, NFU, IAA, MDC, Holstein UK, SAC, Biobest and RABDF.
Saleroom three is in Baynton Road, Ashton (near Bristol City Football Ground), next to Saleroom Two - which is where fortnightly sales of Victorian & Modern Household Furniture & Effects are held - and BCVA, The Bristol Auction Rooms' Commercial Assets division.
The net result is that LASIK patients starting with a pre-operative BCVA of 6/6 or better can be confident of achieving the same level of uncorrected distance vision as a normal non-spectacle wearer.
Improvements in BCVA in the Lucentis groups over the sham injection group were statistically significant at all time points between seven days and 24 months.