BCurBaccalaureus Curationis (nursing)
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The aim of this study was to explore and describe fourth-year BCur students' experience regarding the use of the case study as a learning opportunity in clinical nursing education.
The study aimed at exploring how fourth-year BCur students experienced the case study as a learning opportunity in order to make research-based recommendations to improve the use of the strategy.
BCur (UP), Diploma Paediatric Nursing, BA Cur (UNISA), MCur (RAU), Diploma Neonatal Nursing (UP)
This paper reports on a study that formed part of the requirements for the BCur Honours (Critical Care Nursing) programme.
Janet Bell, MCur, BCur Hons (Critical Care), PgDN (Nursing Education)
Paper of Essay for the Honours degree BCur I et A in Advanced Nursing Education.
Communicable Disease Control and Infection Control, Gauteng Department of Health, Johannesburg Joy Mnyaluza, RN, BCur, Dipl Comm Health