BDAGBauer, Danker, Arndt, and Gingrich (Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament)
BDAGBusiness Development Assistance Group (est. 1992; Falls Church, VA)
BDAGBuilding Disaster Assessment Group (UK)
BDAGBecton Dickinson Accu-Glass (Becton Dickinson and Company; St. Louis, MO)
BDAGBusiness Development Advisory Group (various locations)
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Krantz-TKT, GmbH, the Aachen, Germany unit of BDAG Group - Deutsche Babcock for firefighting training systems which will be utilized as part of a new multi-million dollar Royal Netherlands Air Force training facility to be constructed at Woensdrecht, The Netherlands.
Maxine Foley, who founded BDAG, said: "2006 has already been a disastrous year for the disabled with two lifelines cut and now everyone is worried sick they will have to pay for day care.
It's in BDAG," a brief description of the lexicon's value.
For this translation of [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] see BDAG, s.
Second, even granted the dominance of the Bread of Life idea, there are differences among these lessons, so that the preacher might take the hearers through a purposeful sequence of angles or facets, perhaps by considering the Gospel lessons through the eyes of the disciples, the crowd, "the Jews" (a problematic translation of [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]--see discussion in BDAG, p.
Note: I take [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] as "since," rather than "if," as more in keeping with Paul's thought--against most translations, but allowed by BDAG, p.
In BDAG, the three semantic domains identified for pistis mirror the above threefold definitions of charis: "(1) that which evokes trust and faith .