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INSTRUCTIONS TO THE PATRON (YON BDAG BSGO BA, YON 'BUL): Like handing a instructional or how-to manuals regarding worshipping of the image, this portion sets things clear on who enjoys the rights to offerings made for the consecration, such as the master of the ritual rather than the sculptor or the monks attending the ceremony.
Jones, A Greek-English Lexicon, 9th ed with revised supplement (Oxford, 1996), I have argued that oikoumene is more accurately translated "empire" in the New Testament (see, by way of comparison, BDAG definition 2).
In BDAG, the three semantic domains identified for pistis mirror the above threefold definitions of charis: "(1) that which evokes trust and faith .
Note: I take [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] as "since," rather than "if," as more in keeping with Paul's thought--against most translations, but allowed by BDAG, p.
Second, even granted the dominance of the Bread of Life idea, there are differences among these lessons, so that the preacher might take the hearers through a purposeful sequence of angles or facets, perhaps by considering the Gospel lessons through the eyes of the disciples, the crowd, "the Jews" (a problematic translation of [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]--see discussion in BDAG, p.
For this translation of [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] see BDAG, s.
While it should have been included in BDAG itself, it now is available for the wide audience it deserves.