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BDATBuenos Dias a Todos (Spanish: Good Morning to All)
BDATBitmap Data Table
BDATBest Demonstrated Available Technology
BDATBinary Data
BDATBest Demonstrated Achievable Technology
BDATBattle Damage Assessment Team
BDATBedfordshire Drug & Alcohol Action Team (UK)
BDATBusiness Data Application Technology
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9) Application of LDRs to contaminated soils left remediation managers with two choices: cap and treat hazardous contaminated soil in place in order to avoid having to comply with LDRs, or excavate the soil and treat it to the full extent of BDAT.
None of the treated waste samples leached lead or cadmium at levels above the hazardous waste limits, which are also the BDAT limits, in either the TCLP or the EP-Toxicity Tests.
The system provides LIF utilities to copy programs and data files stored in BDAT, ASCII, and HP-UX(1) format between LIF-format floppy diskettes and DOS disks.