BDBABeyond Design Basis Accident
BDBABrampton Downtown Business Association
BDBABeijing Downtown Backpackers Accommodation (China)
BDBABankstown District Baseball Association (Milperra, New South Wales, Australia)
BDBABatangas Duckpin Bowling Association
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Overall, the BDBA seemed to differ most from the comparison GDHA group on the measures shown.
With reference to partner types, the odds of men in the BDBA group having a male couple partner were five times lower relative to the comparison group.
The BDBA were three times more likely to have traded sex for monetary gain and five and a half times more likely to have traded sex for drugs.
Our complementary analyses restricted to drug injecting men showed that a greater proportion of the BDBA group had consumed three or more drugs in the previous 12 months when compared with the GDHA.
The BDBA were less likely to have had sex in a private residence and more likely to have had sex in a public venue with a regular partner.