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BDCBottom Dead Center
BDCBusiness Data Catalog (Microsoft programming application)
BDCBusiness Development Bank of Canada
BDCBackup Domain Controller
BDCBusiness Development Company
BDCBanque de Développement du Canada
BDCBusiness Development Center
BDCBullet Drop Compensator
BDCBaltimore Development Corporation (Baltimore, MD)
BDCBritish Drift Championship (motorsports; UK)
BDCBentley Drivers Club (various locations)
BDCBanco de Desarrollo del Caribe (Spanish: Carribean Development Bank)
BDCBerufsverband Deutscher Chirurgen (German Association of Practicing Surgeons)
BDCBatch Data Communication
BDCBureau de Change (French: Currency Exchange)
BDCBoulder Daily Camera (newspaper; Boulder, CO)
BDCBritish Dance Council
BDCBlock Down Converter (frequency)
BDCBusiness Development Council (AMSEC)
BDCBomb Data Center (US FBI)
BDCBaseline Data Collection
BDCBase de Connaissance (French: Knowledge Base)
BDCblood donor center (US DoD)
BDCBackgrounds Data Center
BDCBig Daddy Cool
BDCBâtiment de Débarquement de Chars (French: Landing Ship Tank)
BDCBroadland District Council
BDCBenefit Delivery Centre
BDCBuilding Corner
BDCBreakdance Crew
BDCBlack Diamond Crew (band)
BDCBrain Dead Cager (motorcyclist slang for stupid car drivers)
BDCBinary Decimal Counter
BDCBackup Data Center
BDCBureau of Domestic Commerce
BDCBidirectional Converter
BDCBiologie et Développement Cellulaires (French: Cellular Biology and Development)
BDCBlack Dragon Corps (gaming clan)
BDCBlack Days of Chaos (gaming clan)
BDCBioAssets Development Corporation (Wellesley, MA)
BDCBefore Declassification
BDCBuffered Data Channel
BDCBrigade Data Center
BDCBlast-Design Criteria (DOD)
BDCBackground Dominant Color
BDCBase Defense Commander
BDCBrussels Deuche Club (Belgian car club)
BDCBlade Diagnostics Corporation (Pittsburgh, PA)
BDCBluetooth Developers Conference (San Jose, CA)
BDCBlue Dog Coalition (politics)
BDCBuilding Design Construction (various locations)
BDCBudget Development Committee (various schools)
BDCBroadway Dance Center (New York)
BDCBaltic Defence College (various nations)
BDCBlaby District Council (UK)
BDCBraintree District Council (UK)
BDCBorland Developers Conference (computing)
BDCBachelier en Droit Canonique (Bachelor of Canon Law)
BDCBin Dalmouk Consultants (Dubai, UAE)
BDCBanque du Canada (French: Bank of Canada)
BDCBagleyston Day Clininc
BDCBusiness Design Centre (UK)
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2- The investigation of the effect of narration therapy on BDC among girl and boy students.
Tony Yaroshak, President and CEO of Stainless Steel Technology, is a long-standing client who praised BDC as a valuable contributor to the success of his business.
Latte & Lafter serves as BDC Holdings' pioneering venture into hospitality, serving up delicious coffee and treats in an ambience of fun and relaxation around the Dubai Mall Ice Rink arena.
Perhaps the most glamorous new area in which BDC is involved is the setting up of an International Financial Services Centre in Botswana.
It also means that BDC has to bear a greater weight carrying non-performing enterprises.
Vice President of Strategic Investments and Initiatives, BDC Venture Capital, Senia Rapisarda, said : "This seed investment is meant to help these promising companies keep going while they work towards a more substantial second round of financing.
The federal government realized," MacKenzie continued, "that there was a void in the market for financing SMEs, a void that could be filled by BDC.
The corporation provides: long term loans, factories and serviced lands; guarantees, equity participation, feasibility studies and assistance to Botswana citizens in acquiring shareholding in BDC companies or from foreign owners.
one of the principals of BDC Labs, said, "Blockwise Engineering's superior radial compression mechanisms will enhance BDC's endovascular testing capabilities and expand our GLP functional device testing services to the medical device industry.
the "Company") (NASDAQ: GBDC), a business development company, today announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Golub Capital BDC Funding LLC ("Funding"), increased the size of its credit facility from $150 million to $200 million.
LLR Chief Executive Officer, Dimitri Kokinos said BDC is in the process of offloading its shares which currently sit at 78 per cent.
Marcheterre, Partner, BDC Consulting Group, Ottawa to BOG's Northern Ontario office, located in Sudbury.