BDCABermuda Department of Civil Aviation
BDCABerwyn District Civic Association (College Park, MD)
BDCABreakdown Crane Association (UK)
BDCABaby Didn't Come Out (medical slang)
BDCABradford and District Chess Association (UK)
BDCABiotinyl-Dodecanoyl-Cysteaminyl-Alprenolol (chemcial compound)
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BDCA expects to use the proceeds from the offering of the Notes to make investments in portfolio companies in accordance with BDCA's investment objectives and for general corporate purposes.
In addition to the BDCA, the two sides are likely to look at the latest menu being offered by the Chinese which come under three heads or principles.
Budko, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BDCA and BDCA II, commented, "We continue to believe that this is a transformative event for BDCA and BDCA II and their shareholders.
We continue to be extremely pleased with the performance of BDCA as shown in the release of our 10-K.
Budko, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BDCA and BDCA II and a member of the investment committee for BDCV's investment adviser, commented, "We are extremely pleased with this transformative event for BDCA, BDCA II and BDCV and their shareholders.
As a result, BDCA is able to generate attractive risk adjusted returns for our investors," offered Bob Grunewald, Chief Investment Officer of BDCA's advisor.
The financing facility involves a repurchase agreement between BDCA and UBS on certain notes issued by BDCA's wholly-owned special purpose subsidiary, BDCA Helvetica Funding, Ltd.
Grunewald brings an unusually broad and diverse skill set to our company," commented Peter Budko, CEO of BDCA Adviser, LLC, the adviser to the Company.
Since its initial investment in December 2013 through September 2014, BDCA has invested in KAH or its subsidiaries approximately $36.
BDCA received and accepted aggregate subscriptions in excess of the minimum of $2.
The financing provided by BDCA consisted of a $69 million senior secured credit facility, with a six-year term and two-year call protection.
Furthermore, utilizing the $10 million credit facility provided to BDCA by Main Street allows us substantially to enhance our buying power," offered Peter Budko, Chief Executive Officer of the Adviser.