BDCFBulletin des Conclusions Fiscales (French tax law periodical)
BDCFBaseline Data Collection Facility
BDCFBrain-Derived Chemotactic Factor
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BDCF was used to formulate corncob silage as a supplementary protein source.
Applying BDCF in Corncob Silage as the Supplementary Protein
The result clearly proved that increase of total crude protein (CP) in silage was observed when the BDCF was mixed.
Regarding the reasons based on scientific results of degrading capability, the simple preparation, remaining total protein quantity and an economic concern on the production cost for the larger scale preparation of BDCF, digestion by B.
In applying of BDCF by mixing with corncob silage, the results from proximate analysis indicated the proportionally increase of crude protein content in all treatments along with the increase of BDCF added (Table 1).