BDCTBradford District Care Trust (UK)
BDCTBest Demonstrated Control Technology
BDCTBase Defense Coordination Team
BDCTBlock Discrete Cosine Transform (image coding)
BDCTBolus Dynamic Incremented Computed Tomography (imaging)
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Without the continued work, support and efforts of the following people, the project and this article would not have happened: Kath Shorey, Clinical Lead School Nursing; Alison Wright, Named Nurse Adult and Children's Safeguarding; Jo Groves, Bradford Hospital A&E Reception Team Leader; Tereza Szarbo, Administrator, Education Social Work; Neil Helliwell, BFD, Education Social Work Manager; Education Social Workers and School Nurse teams; staff in A&E at Bradford Royal Infirmary; Bradford Child Health Information Service and GPs in the Bradford district; and Sam Hirst, BDCT Communications Team.
BDCT] are forward and inverse BDCT, Q[*] and Q*[*] are quantization and dequantization operators.
In order to remove the noise which is present during acquisition we encode each BDCT image by applying the zonal filters [25] to the low frequency components and discard the high frequency components, which results in denoised image.