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BDDBase de Données (French: Database)
BDDBehavior Driven Development
BDDBody Dysmorphic Disorder (behavioral science)
BDDBusiness Desktop Deployment (Microsoft)
BDDBinary Decision Diagram
BDDBenefits Delivery at Discharge (US VA)
BDDBase de Défense (French: Defense Base)
BDDBantam Doubleday Dell (publishing company)
BDDBuckman Direct Diversion (New Mexico water diversion project)
BDDBackdraft Damper
BDDBureau of Disability Determination
BDDBefore Due Date
BDDBüro Destruct Designer (design application)
BDDBrachydactyly, Type D
BDDBad and Doubtful Debts
BDDBaseline Definition Document
BDDBritish Defence Doctrine
BDDBinary to Decimal Decoder
BDDBounded Distance Decoder
BDDBase Development Doctrine
BDDBlanket Delivery Date
BDDBurst Detector Dosimeter
BDDBinary Digital Data
BDDBase-line Document Description
BDDBlue Devil Days (Duke University)
BDDBattlefield Digitisation Demonstrator
BDDBuild Design Document
BDDBlock Double-Differential
BDDBernoulli Disk Drive
BDDBusiness Development Department (Ukraine)
BDDBridging the Digital Divide (various organizations)
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The prevalence of BDD among student populations ranges from 2.
Simon Cowell's ex-girlfriend Alicia Douvall also battled with BDD.
Middelveen and colleagues observed that MD filaments and BDD filaments originate in pavement epithelial tissue.
In a bid to compare the effect of mirrors among BDD patients the researchers performed this study on volunteers having no worries about their appearance.
Given one bout that happened during her time as a member of BDD, and several other examples between Shamrock Showdown and the end of 2006, a superior approach would involve content analysis of a selection of several posters, whether solely from BDD or from a variety of leagues.
Researchers from the Institute of Psychiatry wanted to compare the effect of mirrors among BDD patients with healthy volunteers who had no hang-ups about their appearance.
But a person suffering with BDD is constantly preoccupied with their appearance, to the extent that it can start to wreck their life.
BDD affects approximately l%-2% of the general population.
In addition, all of the tanners engaged in such common BDD behaviors as comparing, scrutinizing, camouflaging, and skin picking.
Although any body part can become the source of preoccupation, BDD most commonly involves the eyes, ears, nose, skin, chin, jaw, or other facial features.