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BDDBase de Données (French: Database)
BDDBureau du Développement Durable (French: Office of Sustainable Development; Canada and France)
BDDBehavior Driven Development
BDDBody Dysmorphic Disorder (behavioral science)
BDDBusiness Desktop Deployment (Microsoft)
BDDBinary Decision Diagram
BDDBusiness Development Director (various companies)
BDDBlock Definition Diagram
BDDBusiness Desktop Deployment
BDDBehaviour Driven Development
BDDBusiness Development Department (Ukraine)
BDDBenefits Delivery at Discharge (US VA)
BDDBridging the Digital Divide (various organizations)
BDDBase de Défense (French: Defense Base)
BDDBantam Doubleday Dell (publishing company)
BDDBuckman Direct Diversion (New Mexico water diversion project)
BDDBackdraft Damper
BDDBureau of Disability Determination
BDDBefore Dinner Drink
BDDBefore Due Date
BDDBüro Destruct Designer (design application)
BDDBrachydactyly, Type D
BDDBachelor of Divinity Degree (Theological College of Northern Nigeria)
BDDBad and Doubtful Debts
BDDBaseline Definition Document
BDDBritish Defence Doctrine
BDDBinary to Decimal Decoder
BDDBounded Distance Decoder
BDDBase Development Doctrine
BDDBase-line Document Description
BDDBlanket Delivery Date
BDDBurst Detector Dosimeter
BDDBlue Devil Days (Duke University)
BDDBinary Digital Data
BDDBattlefield Digitisation Demonstrator
BDDBuild Design Document
BDDBlock Double-Differential
BDDBernoulli Disk Drive
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This approach seems to be more appropriate to ascertain whether UMI could operate transdiagnostically across the four sets of disorders and then be a vulnerability factor to the development of mental disorders such as OCD, BDD, HYP, and EDs.
The majority of the 94 patients included in the study had been suffering from BDD for many years and sought medical help.
BDD is not included among the psychotic disorders, but in this case BDD included delusional beliefs, so it was of psychotic intensity.
Although 35% students were preoccupied to some extent but the prevalence of subjective distress to the threshold of BDD was found in 5% medical students compared to 10% nonmedical students, with female dominance in both the groups.
The prevalence of BDD among student populations ranges from 2.
The BDD claim is processed as a paperless claim within the VA system and is generally forwarded to a processing center in either Winston-Salem, N.
The teachers also developed a lesson plan that they will test with students Saturday, May 2, at a second workshop at BDD.
Another prominent symptom of BDD is the obsessive behavior which to lead to full investigation or hiding an imaginary flaw.
It's been noted that patients with BDD are overly concerned with the following areas: imperfections of the skin - scars, blemishes, wrinkles, even acne; parts of the face, generally the nose; and hair - too little on the head or too much in the body.
Danny's Fixers campaign was inspired by his experience of BDD, which he developed at 15.
NSO William "Bill" VanSetten II reviewed Jensen's case and had several concerns about the BDD claim.