BDDABangladesh Directory Australia
BDDABarrow and District Disability Association (Cumbria, England, UK)
BDDABritish Deaf and Dumb Association (est. 1890; UK)
BDDABritish Disability Discrimination Act
BDDABank der Deutschen Arbeit (German: Bank of German Labor; Germany)
BDDABeachport District Development Association (Australia)
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The core-shell ratio of the P(BA-EHA)/PVC particle is 50 wt/50 wt, and the P(BA-EHA) copolymer is cross-linked with 8 wt% of BDDA.
Effects of BDDA Amount Added into the P(BA-EHA) and Core-shell Ratio of the P(BA-EHA)/PVC on Grafting Ratio and Grafting Efficiency
When changing an amount of the BDDA added into the P(BA-EHA) and core-shell ratios of the P(BA-EHA)/ PVC, their effects on grafting ratio (GR) and grafting efficiency(GE) are shown in Table 1.
From Table 1, it can be seen that the GR decreases while GE increases as the BDDA content in the P(BA-EHA) increases.
Effects of adding different amounts of BDDA in the P(BA-EHA) and core-shell ratios of the P(BA-EHA)/PVC on GR and GE.