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In particular, BDDC researchers are investigating using switchgrass and miscanthus for natural fiber reinforcement.
A group of researchers at the BDDC has been investigating ways to engineer new biocomposites using hybrid bio-resources including grasses, agri-residues, and lignin.
In addition, a BDDC algorithm with deluxe scaling is considered in [5] for uniform domains in 2D, and in [11] for 3D.
Recently, in [11], new tools are developed for more general subdomains and a BDDC deluxe method, where the faces are assumed to be only star-shaped polygons.
Nevertheless, a BDDC algorithm with deluxe scaling considered in [5] gives a further significant improvement in the iteration counts and estimates.
CALVO, A BDDC algorithm with deluxe scaling for H(curl) in two dimensions with irregular subdomains, Math.
In our recent paper [24], we extended the BDDC algorithm to this mixed formulation of elliptic problems.
This method is similar to the BDDC algorithm proposed for the Stokes case in [12].
We will extend the BDDC algorithm to Method II of [10] in this paper.
The BDDC algorithms, introduced by Dohrmann in [5], see also [13, 14], are nonoverlapping domain decomposition methods, which are similar to the balancing Neumann-Neumann (BNN) algorithms.
We note that, in a recent paper [12], the BDDC algorithms have been applied to the incompressible Stokes equation, where the constraints enforced across the interface satisfy two assumptions.
In this paper, we extend the BDDC algorithms to mixed formulations of flow in porous media.