BDDHButterfield Day Devito Hockney (marketing firm)
BDDHBiphenyl Dihydrodiol Dehydrogenase (microbiology)
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Partners BDDH is also part of the Havas group but previously had been in the Arnold Worldwide network.
Nigel Long, Chief Executive of Partners BDDH, will become Chief Executive of Euro RSCG Wnek Gosper Partners.
Batoto BDDH - 2 drillhole was completed at slightly more that 150 metres and was drilled to the SE at a declination of -50 degrees 200 metres to the SW of Batoto #1.
Batoto BDDH - 3 drill hole, as stated above has commenced and is located approx 150 meters south of Batoto BDDH - 2.
Partners BDDH is one of the leading independent providers of advertising, communications and interactive services in the United Kingdom.
CWS has recruited Aardman Animations -- creator of the Chicken Run movie and Wallace and Gromit-to produce its new 12m [pounds sterling] tv ad campaign devised by Partners BDDH.
We took on a new agency -- BDDH -- a year ago, and did a lot of work on the positioning of our business, to strengthen our retail branding.