BDDKBankacýlýk Düzenleme Ve Denetleme Kurumu (Turkish: Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency)
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The BDDK official said a statement would shortly confirm the approval of the sale.
However, a snag that some banking officials have pointed out, is that the BDDK inspectors are breaking new ground by trying something that has never really been done before--an official audit of the entire banking sector.
The BDDK in February took management control of Bank Asya.
Turkish banking regulator BDDK has assumed control of a small stake in Istanbul-based Bank Asya, the BBR has reported.
The BDDK has instructed banks to ask for details of auction bids on all transactions of over $2m, as it looks into possible market manipulation, Reuters reports.
lar will supplant present BDDK Chairman Tevfik Bilgin in March 2012.
In a statement, the BDDK said, 'Because the institution has not presented a partnership structure that is transparent and open enough to allow for effective regulation .
Ensuing reports are to be submitted to the BDDK by the Competition Watchdog to obtain the BDDK's opinions and remarks.
The BDDK will be responsible for preventing the use of debit cards and credit cards in illegal bets by setting the necessary regulations.
Yet lawyers of the shareholders make it public on every occasion that as many as 92 percent of the shareholders have submitted documents to the watchdog ever since the BDDK first asked the bank to do so.
Yazc also said both the Ministry of Customs and Trade and the BDDK had already started to work on new regulations regarding the service charges by banks.