BDDSBig Data and Distributed Systems (IEEE conference)
BDDSBomb Detection and Disposal Squad (India)
BDDSBureau of Developmental Disability Services (Indiana)
BDDSBirmingham District Dental Society (Alabama)
BDDSBiliopancreatic Diversion with Duodenal Switch (baryatric surgery)
BDDSBroadcast Data Distribution System
BDDSBiodegradable Drug Delivery Systems
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On Monday, M AIL T ODAY had exposed how a senior CISF official illegally encroached upon the BDDS building and turned it into his residence.
To modify the nutrient analysis for Canada, vitamin D values of all relevant foods in the BDDS FFQ database were compared to corresponding foods in the Canadian Nutrient File (CNF), Canada's standard reference database.
To order an article through BDDS, one simply locates the serial title then enters the citation on the order screen under that title.