BDEEPBritish Documents on the End of Empire (University of London; UK)
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If this last feature, the Index, acts as a sort of preliminary blood-pressure stabilizer to researchers facing up to finding their way among the CO records maze in the PRO (the wilderness being that of the CO and not of the manicured PRO), the hopes of the BDEEP administrators will be realized in making the CO records `more accessible to postgraduates students .
It should be emphasized that the BDEEP series, and of course this volume, are about British official policy and the documents are generated from London and also from Christiansborg Castle in Accra.
The BDEEP Ghana volume now provides a substantial part of the high policy story that was unavailable to Austin, and this only increases one's respect for a book published as long ago as 1964.
The BDEEP documents help us to follow in more detail the way in which the Colonial Office came to accept the radical recommendations of the Watson Commission Report; the relations between Arden-Clarke, the new governor appointed after the February 1948 riots, and Nkrumah, with his wide nationalist power-base, which are given new depth while the astute political skill of both men is well portrayed; and further flesh is given to the policy changes resulting from the new electoral politics in the Gold Coast and the concomitant reduction in the power of traditional rulers.
The BDEEP documents, as to be expected, provide tantalisingly-brief glances, not always hostile, at the attitudes and postures, the foibles and failures of politicians and colonial civil servants.