BDEFBundesverband Deutscher Eisenbahn Freunde (German: Federal Association of German Rail Friends)
BDEFBristol Disability Equality Forum (UK)
BDEFBone Marrow-Derived Enhancing Factor (microbiology)
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Qualiquic connectors: original SCB meta-schemes, connector labels, relation expressions and question wording from the actual instrument Original SCB Connector Relation Qualiquic question Meta-scheme expression Description BDEF B defines A What is [social object]?
The same arguments show that four of them admit a continuous limit with a n3-time-renormalization: automata BDEF, BEF, BCDEFG, BCEFG.
7], are parameters; INTR is the average nominal interest rate on one year yield bonds and treasury bills; RGNP is the real Gross National Product; the unemployment rate series (UNML) is the annual average of the seasonally adjusted monthly unemployment rates; INFL is the inflation rate calculated by the CPI (Consumer Price Index); BDEF is the actual budget deficit in real terms; M is the narrowly defined money stock [M.