BDFABatten Disease Family Association (UK)
BDFABritish Disabled Flying Association (UK)
BDFABritish Deer Farmers Association (UK)
BDFABasic Daily Food Allowance
BDFABundesverband Deutscher Film-Autoren eV
BDFABund Deutscher Film- und Video-Amateure eV
BDFABasic Decision-Feedback Algorithm
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They had upheld my appeal and told the BDFA they had to go away and chose the team again.
She added: "The outcome of that was the QC on the panel declared he had an issue over certain matters within the BDFA selection criteria and requested them to go away and reconsider their structure.
Significantly, the BDFA have never wavered in their selection decision despite confrontation which shows they believe they have done the right thing, but nevertheless Mrs Fitzgerald feels bewildered and angry.
Fitzgerald added: "I will stay a member of the BDFA and I will defend my British epee and foil titles but I will not go back to our governing body.
1/1-10; Grant Watson to Sir John Simon, Havana, August 29, 1033, BDFA, II, D, vol.
1, and Grant Watson to Sir John Simon, Havana, August 21, 1933, BDFA, II, D, vol.
The Labour Situation in Cuba and the British West Indies," in Rees to Eden, Havana, February 20, 1937, BDFA, II, D, vol.
The great thing about the BDFA is not just the flying but the friends you make.
The late King Hussein was presenting a member of the BDFA with an award at the Royal International Air Tattoo.