BDGBuilding (usually seen as BLDG)
BDGBusiness Development Group
BDGBundaberg (Queensland, Australia)
BDGBandag, Inc. (stock symbol; Muscatine, IA)
BDGBanque de Dépots et de Gestion (French; Swiss bank)
BDGBlanding, Utah (airport code)
BDGBlagues de Geek (French: Geek Jokes; website)
BDGBatten's Disease Gene
BDGBiological Diversity of the Guiana Shield (Smithsonian Institute)
BDGBuilding Diagnostics Group (Atlanta, GA)
BDGBenefit Development Group (Providence, RI)
BDGBremer Design GmbH (Germany)
BDGBen Davis Giants (high school team)
BDGBroadband Data Gateway
BDGBig Dopey Grin
BDGBiodiversity-Gram (biology)
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The key aim of the BDG scheme is to help farmers improve their technical and business efficiency.
We appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate the benefits that our project will bring by restoring the building," said David Blumenfeld, president, BDG Construction Corp.
BDG continues to use technologies that make our work available to the greatest number of users.
BDG previously made the silverware for the Cunardowned Queen Mary 2 and Queen Elizabeth 2, as well as for luxury hotels across the world, including the Ritz, in London.
The GM and BDG test monitors Aspergillus GM by detecting the polysaccharide cell wall component based on the use of a rat monoclonal antibody (Mab), EB-A2, that recognizes the 1-5-[beta]-galactofuranoside side chains of the GM molecule.
Besides the allotments, BDG has three other projects.
We are looking forward to cooperating further with BDG on other applications like sludge reduction," commented David Chow, president of Praxair China.
Richard Dooner, operations manager at the BDG, said: "We have a team of people on the ground in Poland and it's their hard work which has helped us win this important award.
This project has established the BDG as a key player in the business development arena in Poland.
Launching the BDG scheme, Minister O Neill said: "I am delighted to be launching the first phase of the Farm Business Improvement Scheme, funded with Au28million under the new Rural Development Programme.
BDG is allied with the architectural firm Studio 5 on the design of the center with a number of established brand names already signed as tenants including Dollar Tree, Dunkin Donuts, McDonald's and Red Lobster.