BDGPBerkeley Drosophila Genome Project
BDGPBarwon Division of General Practice (Moree, New South Wales, Australia)
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BDGP payments will continue to issue on an ongoing basis as more famers verify their compliance with the 2017 scheme requirements.
3] Nonstandard abbreviations: B(O)C, breast and ovarian cancer; BIC, Breast Cancer Information Core; UV, unclassified variant; ASS, allele-specific splicing; SNP, single-nucleotide polymorphism; BDGP, Berkeley Drosophila Genome Project; NG2, NetGene2; HSF, Human Splicing Finder; ESE, exonic splicing enhancer; RESCUE-ESE, RESCUE ESE hexamer; PESE, putative 8-mer ESE; PESS, putative 8-mer exonic splicing silencer; EIE, exon-identity element; IIE, intronidentity element; FAM, carboxyfluorescein.
With the help of three dozen academic scientists who visited Celera for an "annotation jamboree" in November 1999, the team at Celera and BDGP identified 13,601 genes in the fly.
This fourth phase, often referred to as finishing, along with the library creation are being done in collaboration with the BDGP.
Celera will begin making sequence data available to the public in October 1999, and anticipates release of the completed sequence by the end of the year and publication in collaboration with the BDGP in early 2000.