BDHFBritish Dental Health Foundation
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The main contributions of this paper include the following: (1) the introduction of bidimensional dual hesitant fuzzy (BDHF) set; (2) the definition of the generalized distance measure between BDHF assessments; (3) the acquisition of attribute weights based on entropy measure with BDHF information; (4) the comparison between VIKOR and TOPSIS method; and (5) the development of a new VIKOR method with BDHF assessments.
This lack of concern about dental health is why the BDHF - which carried out the research with Listerine - is urging people to look after their teeth.
The range of teeth whitening products in chemists is rather limited, but the BDHF points out that simple changes to your eating habits could help to keep unwanted stains at bay.
A spokesman for the BDHF said: "Most dental phobia is based on inaccurate and out-of-date views of dentistry.
The BDHF has found those people who believe they're brushing their teeth for the recommended two minutes are actually brushing for only 56 seconds, and as many as 13% of people brush once a day or less.
The foundation has long been drawing people's attention to sugar-free yoghurts as a healthy snack," says Dr Nigel Carter, chief executive of the BDHF, "so it is pleasing to hear it may have oral health benefits of which we were previously unaware.
This year the BDHF has called on Warwickshire county cricket club's new captain, Michael Powell, to help.
GUM DISEASE Gum disease is linked to potential risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, premature birth, low birthweight babies and infertility, according to the BDHF.
The BDHF recommends children eat a small piece of hard cheese after every meal and in particular after eating sugary food or drinks.
As soon as children's teeth start coming through, the BDHF recommends that parents brush them.