BDHPBethlehem Digital History Project
BDHPBlue Devils Horse Platoon
BDHPBig Dogs Huge Paws (Aurora, CO dog rescue)
BDHPBi-linear Diffie-Hellman Problem
BDHPPerfusion Hypotonic Biliduodenography
BDHPBande Dessinée de Harry Potter (French Harry Potter fansite)
BDHPBrink-Divecchia Howe-Polyakov (string)
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The (t, [epsilon])-BDH assumption holds if there is no polynomial-time adversary that can solve the BDHP in time at most t and with the advantage [epsilon].
Dec], [epsilon])-secure against indistinguishability under adaptive chosen-ciphertext attacks (IND-CCA2) in the random oracle model if there is no probabilistic polynomial-time adversary that can (t', [epsilon]')-break the BDHP, where
Then we can construct another algorithm B that (t', [epsilon])-breaks the BDHP by taking A as a subroutine.