BDJBritish Dental Journal
BDJBluray Disc for Java
BDJBelle de Jour
BDJBlackrock Enhanced Dividend Achievers Trust (stock symbol)
BDJBanjarmasin, Indonesia - Syamsudin Noor (Airport Code)
BDJBrian d'Arcy James (composer/musician)
BDJBlack Diamond Jersey
BDJB'nai David-Judea (synagogue; Los Angeles, CA)
BDJBlague du Jour (French: Joke of the Day)
BDJBuried Double Junction (photodetector)
BDJBureau des Jeux (French: Bureau of Games; gaming organization)
BDJBecton Dickinson Japan (pharmaceuticals)
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BDJ founder Darlyn Ty-Nilo expressed, "Taking care of yourself first allows you to be more and do more.
When Darunday arrived at BDJ, he handed the container to the guards for inspection while he proceeded to celebrate Mass.
However, the BDJ opened a new tender under the same conditions.
From a financial perspective, the purchase made sense to BDJ Radio.
Regarding the DJ type factor, only BDJ stood out with its muscle pre-activity values which were significantly higher than those in CL and BL.
James Darunday would not be allowed to hold Mass and other ministry works at the BDJ pending investigation, Chief Insp.
When Darlyn created the BDJ Power Planner simply because she found all the planners in bookstores boring, she never imagined her little diary of dates would become so big.
That company is BDJ Radio Enterprises, a firm with that doesn't even have a Web site.
The male inmates of the BDJ vacated their dormitories as early as 7 a.
Meanwhile, Abueva appraised listeners of the Bohol proposal to fund 10 more cell blocks for the BDJ.
By 1993 decay in the teeth of Anglesey's five-year-olds had increased by 168%, matching that of the non-fluoridated mainland Gwynedd (Thomas, JY Kassab & B M Jones BDJ vol 178, 55-59 21 Jan 1995) Since then successive Welsh Ministers, of all shades, have resiled from re-introducing one of the most researched public health measures available to them while water, flowing from Wales' Elan Valley to Birmingham has its fluoride level adjusted en route, ensuring that more than two-million there enjoy the benefits.
Get to know more about Barbi's prettifying tips and tricks and give yourself the gift of beauty this Christmas with a BDJ Box.