BDKBlack & Decker (stock symbol)
BDKBig Daddy Kane (rapper Juice Crew)
BDKBundu Dia Kongo (French; Congolese political movement)
BDKBukkyo Dendo Kyokai (Society for the Promotion of Buddhism)
BDK(Java) Beans Development Kit
BDKBilan Diagnostic Kinésithérapique (French: Physiotherapeutic Diagnosis Assessment)
BDKBadly Drawn Kitties (online comic)
BDKBusiness Development Kit
BDKBig Daddy Kool (Kevin Nash; wrestler)
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Umezu conducted formal dedication services for the new headquarters, following which BDK America's Brian Nagata, BDK Director of Education, and himself an ordained priest, served as master of ceremonies, welcoming the fifty attendees.
BDK verte paskirstymo sprendimu medzio metodu naudojama priemonems skirstyti i pagrindiniu ir papildomu priemoniu paketus.
Barrie Williams, who has been with BDK for nearly 30 years, said: "This is an opportune time for a significant change to the business.
BDK and DR failed to form a third bloc with RDK and in order to take part in the elections, They need at least 1,500 signatures.
Leverage, while currently higher because of the BDK merger, is forecast to decline reasonably quickly over the next two years.
Additionally, Fitch rates both BDK and Black & Decker Holdings LLC as follows:
Both companies are cyclical, but BDK, having a good correlation to residential housing (primarily repair/remodeling) markets and the consumer sector, tends to come out of recessions earlier than SWK's more industrial/commercial focus.
BDK produces discretionary consumer products and as expected has experienced strong revenue declines since the global recession began in late 2008.
BDK expects a sales decline of eight percent in the fourth quarter.
BDK did lower its leverage in 2003 after reaching relatively high levels earlier in the decade and has proceeded to keep leverage on a cash flow basis at relatively strong levels.
Size : 300 mm NB (12~) Make : Leader/LandT/Intervalves/Saunders / BDK SPECIFICATIONS: Slim Seal butterfly valve safer type worm and worm wheel operated Body : Cast iron as per IS-210/BS-1452 Disc : SG cast iron as per BS-2789 Shaft : AISI 410 Bearing : PTFE Seating : Nitrile rubber Service : Water Working Pressure : 10.