BDMLRBritish Divers Marine Life Rescue
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Recently the BDMLR has responded to mass pilot whale strandings in the Shetlands, as well as locally stranded whales in Northumberland and Redcar.
Training BDMLR medics, who are usually first on the scene, means they can act promptly without removing the seal from the beach.
The BDMLR is a voluntary network of marine mammal medics.
Ali Jack, the Scottish co-ordinator of BDMLR crew, added: "It has been a fantastic effort by what seems hundreds of people.
The BDMLR said many of the whales were on their sides, on top of each other and upside down and were breathing in sand as a result.
BDMLR director Nick Duthie said: "We are very concerned about how thin it is but dolphins will only take live prey and it would be impossible to secure live deep sea squid from out in the Atlantic.
BDMLR co-ordinator Andrew Ireland, the leader of the rescue, said seeing the whale leave was "fantastic".
Anyone who comes across a seal and is unsure whether it is healthy can contact the BDMLR on 01825 765 546 or on out-ofhours emergency number 07787 433412.
The grey seal pup we think is about three weeks old," said a spokeswoman for the BDMLR, who said it is believed the pup is a male.
And at the BDMLR national conference in Newcastle this weekend, local experts will recount the countless rescues they have made on our shores.