BDRDBiological Defense Research Directorate (Naval Medical Research Center)
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4) Nonstandard abbreviations: HHA, hand-held assay; BDRD, Biological Defense Research Directorate; NBACC, National Biodefense Analysis and Countermeasures Center; IR, infrared; HVAC, heating, ventilating, air conditioning; USPS, US Postal Service; BDS, Biohazard Detection System; LRN, Laboratory Response Network; HazMat, hazardous material; FBI, Federal Bureau of Investigation; CRP, Critical Reagents Program; cfu, colony-forming units.
Stanley Goldman, Department Head of the Vaccine Group at BDRD, in the assessment of a collection of DNA vaccine candidates for anthrax and plague developed by the Navy and administered using Ichor's proprietary TriGrid[TM] Delivery System.