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BDSDBrown Deer School District (Wisconsin)
BDSDBlanco Deluxe Soap Dispenser (product)
BDSDBibliographic Data Set Description
BDSDBattlefield Distributed Simulation Development
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In non-automotive applications, electric devices exclusive of airbag sensors trigger activation of the BDSD, severing high-voltage electrical connections and protecting against damage to equipment and injuries to workers caused by unchecked electrical currents and power surges.
While severing power between the battery and the starter and alternator in passenger vehicles following collisions is not new, Delphi's BDSD is far more reliable than the systems involving electro mechanic relays and standard fuses that they replace.
Delphi's BDSD is also available with a safe engine restart option, an industry first that allows drivers to restart their vehicles following a collision if there are no electrical hazards.
After the BDSD is triggered, severing the current, this fuse allows for a warm-engine restart providing the event that triggered the BDSD did not cause a short circuit.
Triggered by the electric signal of the airbag control system, Delphi's BDSD pyrotechnically disconnects the vehicle battery from unfused cables in case a short-circuit occurs.
Delphi's BDSD severs the connection in the very early stages of a crash.
Based on proven airbag technology, Delphi's BDSD is also more reliable, economical, safer and easier to install than similar products competitors have on the market, according to Claus-Werner Deutschmann, product group manager, energetic systems at Delphi.