BDSLBibliographie der deutschen Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaft (German)
BDSLBroadband Digital Subscriber Line (Sprint)
BDSLBase de Données Sociales Localisées (French: Socially Localized Database)
BDSLBibliothèque Départementale de Saône-et-Loire (French library)
BDSLBusiness-Digital Subscriber Line
BDSLBureau des Sports et Loisirs (French: Bureau of Sport and Recreation)
BDSLBoundary Scan Description Logic
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Caption: Built under Italy's Rina latest safety, environment protection, construction and platform-combat system integration standards, the BDSL will be handed over to Algerian Navy in September 2014.
has introduced new, repackaged cast versions of its BDSL and BDSL-Plus bi-directional self-leveling valves.
The BDSL and BDSL-Plus valves are intended for automatic leveling functions on machinery such as skid-steer loaders, tractor loaders and fork attachments.
The BDSL valve is intended to provide automatic leveling of machine attachments, such as bucket, pallet forks, augers, etc.
The design of the BDSL valve includes a flow/divider/combiner that provides a predetermined flow split between the boom and attachment cylinders in both the raise and lowering modes.
The standard BDSL valve is designed for use mostly on applications with closed-center load sensing hydraulic systems, Castelluccio said, while the BDSL-Plus can be used in both open- and closed-center circuits.
XAVi Technologies will manufacture the CS-2 modem private labeled for Celite Systems, as well as their own XAVi branded BDSL CPE devices.
Through its innovative BDSL technology, Celite Systems pre-wires entire neighborhoods, apartments, hotels, and office high rise complexes for broadband at speeds faster than or equal to what is currently offered.
Our investors recognize the market opportunity for our BDSL technology and DSL Headend product platform," said Roger Dorf, president and CEO of Celite Systems.
In 2011 commissioned by the Ministry of Defence of the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria, the 143m-long, BDSL class landing platform dock (LPD) vessel is powered by two diesel engines that let it to cruise at a maximum speed of above 20k, whereas accomodating 600 personnel.