BDSSBeamsville District Secondary School (Alberton, OR)
BDSSBusiness Development Support Services (economic growth)
BDSSBusiness Decision Support System
BDSSBoard of Social Services
BDSSBudget Document Support System
BDSSBill Delivery Systems Support
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According to Nader, the decision to do something for the BDSS was an easy one to make.
Dr Mohammed Almannai, director of the BDSS centre in Adliya, said: "Firstly, we'd like to thank the bank for their support and also for their donations.
In Bahrain alone there are more than 1,000 families that care for someone that has Down's syndrome, with more than 600 cases receiving regular care at the BDSS centre.
Monthly well production data can be downloaded via the BDSS website through a subscription service with the North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources.
The paintings are available for purchase with the sale proceeds being donated to the BDSS Centre.