BDSTBritish Disabled Ski Team (Inverness-shire, UK)
BDSTBritish Double Summer Time (WWII)
BDSTBritish Double Standard Time
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The BDST model can predict service time versus bed depth according to the desired percentage breakthrough value and can measure the capacity of the bed at various percentage breakthrough values [20].
It is important to mention that the BDST model ignores the intra-particle mass transfer resistance and the external film resistance such that the adsorbate is adsorbed onto the adsorbent surface directly.
An increase of the initial phenol and chlorophenol concentrations from 100 to 200mg/l, when other experimental conditions are kept constant, significantly affected the BDST model as illustrated in Fig 2 and Table 2.
o]) using the BDST model also increased with an increase in initial phenol concentrations as follows, 76.
Pink Sheets: GRBG) is pleased to announce that the Company has acquired 50% ownership of Fusion Incorporated and BDST Leasing LLC which in 2009 generated over $2 million in revenue and has assets exceeding $1.
BDST currently has a relationship with Fusion Incorporated to whom it leases the property, a 50,000 square foot manufacturing facility and production equipment to Fusion.
We are excited to have completed the acquisition of Fusion and BDST Leasing," stated David Gubb, CEO of Green Bridge Industries, Inc.