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BDTBangladesh Taka (ISO currency code)
BDTTaka (currency of Bangladesh)
BDTTelecommunication Development Bureau
BDTBase de Dados Tropical (Tropical Data Base)
BDTBest Demonstrated Technology
BDTBusiness Development Team
BDTBone Dry Ton (biomass fuel requirements)
BDTBulk Data Transfer (IBM)
BDTBritish Summer Time (UTC+1h)
BDTBrittle-Ductile Transition
BDTBüro Und Datentechnik (German)
BDTBons du Trésor (French: Treasury Bills)
BDTBureau de Développement des Télécommunications (French: Telecommunication Development Bureau)
BDTBilling Data Transmitter
BDTBritish Dependent Territories
BDTBagimsiz Devletler Toplulugu (Turkish: Commonwealth of Independent States)
BDTGbadolite, Zaire (airport code)
BDTBill Data Tape
BDTBerkeley Design Technology, Inc.
BDTBenecio del Toro (actor)
BDTBroadband Digital Terminal (Next Level)
BDTBlock Data Transfer
BDTBirmingham Dance Theatre (Alabama)
BDTBase Development Team
BDTBerufsverband Deutscher Tanzlehrer eV (Germany)
BDTBattle Director Technician
BDTBillet de Trésorerie (French: short term government debt)
BDTBuilder's Dock Trials
BDTBefore Dividend and Tax
BDTBelt Drive Turbo (turbo version of Ford BD series of engines)
BDTBimetallic Dial Thermometer
BDTBomb Disposal Technician
BDT'Bout Damn Time
BDTBureau des Doctorants de Télécom (French: Doctoral Telecom Office; Paris Institute of Technology)
BDTBundesverband Deutsche Discotheken und Tanzcafe (German: German Federal Association of Discotheques and Dance Cafes)
BDTBurst Delay Tolerance
BDTBlumlein Difference Technique (recording technique)
BDTBurst Departure Time
BDTBridge Delay Time
BDTBad Decision Thursday
BDTBasic Dance Training (dance camp)
BDTBusiness Driven Technology
BDTBangkok Day Tours (Bangkok, Thailand)
BDTBallistic Deflection Transistor
BDTBoy's Drill Team
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0 BDT ,B­,L - and the intellect, electrified, surpasses as greatly its every-day condition, as does the vivid yet candid reason of Leibnitz, the mad and flimsy rhetoric of Gorgias.
Conclusion: Minimal Hepatic Encephalopathy (MHE) could be detected in illiterate patients using NCT-A and BDT Tests.
Moisture content of samples collected from filled chip trailers was used to calculate weight in BDT and determine production rates (BDT/PMH).
The BDT Law Enforcement Leasing Program offers flexible payment terms--from one to five years--to agencies.
s Koch Equity Development LLC acquisition and investment subsidiary and US-based private equity firm BDT Capital Partners, LLC, through its investment funds, have agreed to the acquisition of US-based truck lighting producer Truck-Lite Co.
Approximately 303,000 BDT of forest residues are available from Humboldt County's timberlands annually (Hohl et al.
SNOT-20 scores indicated that while BDT and FESS both had clinically meaningful outcomes, patient satisfaction was higher and postoperative narcotics usage was reduced with BDT.
The ITC action and district court action against IBM and Dell had been resolved by settlement, while the infringement suit against BDT is ongoing.
The BDT unit is based on Cambridge Street in Batley.
The researchers reported that 20 patients in the BDT group (6.
The Bendi has the dual advantage of being able to operate indoors in very confined spaces as well as outdoors on rough ground and is used by about 70 per cent of the 2,500 people which BDT trains each year both at Red-ditchand on its customers' own sites nationwide.
As to the misappropriation of advertising ideas or style of doing business, the court could find no allegations of trade dress infringement or passing off in the BDT litigation, noting that BDT's allegations centered on the function, not the appearance, of the Lexmark paper tray.