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BDVBourse des Voyages (French: Travel Exchange)
BDVBorna Disease Virus
BDVBorder Disease Virus (sheep)
BDVBreakdown Voltage
BDVBureau des Vidéos (French video publishing company)
BDVBoom Defence Vessel (UK Royal Navy)
BDVBlowdown Valves (oil & gas production, engineering)
BDVBibliothèque Départementale de la Vienne (French: County Library in Vienne; Vienne, France)
BDVBiologie du Vieillissement (French: Biology of Aging)
BDVBulletin Dei Verbum (Latin; quarterly Catholic publication)
BDVBibliothèque Départementale de la Vendée (French library)
BDVBasic Distance Verification
BDVBudget Day Value
BDVBinary Decision Variable
BDVBanque de Vizille (French bank)
BdVBund der Vertriebenen (German: League of Displaced Persons)
BDVBundesverband Deutscher Vertriebsfirmen (German: Federal Association of German Distributors)
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These cosmopolitan renditions of the true bistro vibe of BDV were felt and seen in the details.
leucodon shrews (#2001 and #5017) BDV RNA was amplified from the brain.
Grahm said one of the most interesting things to emerge was that BDV should be making a greater effort to sell wine to young people aged 21 to 28.
BDV itself was no longer detectable in these patients, he observed.
In their new report, the German investigators cite evidence of BDV genetic material in the blood cells of four patients hospitalized for major depression, organic mood disorder, or obsessive-compulsive disorder.
The polyclonal antibody directed against recombinant BDV phosphoprotein, however, showed positive results (Figures 1, 2).
Seven isolates had been sequenced in an investigation of BDV shedding and detection in organs of naturally infected Pyrenean chamois.
As the prototype and only known member of the family Bornaviridae in the order Mononegavirales (nonsegmented, negative-strand RNA viruses), BDV is atypical in its nuclear localization of transcription, alternative splicing, and differential use of initiation and termination signals.
He will ensure that hospitals' concerns are addressed and their goals met during the planning and installation of their BDV integrated suites.
Here we report the first unequivocal detection of a BDV reservoir species, the bicolored white-toothed shrew, Crocidura leucodon, in an area in Switzerland with endemic Borna disease.
In the Reorganizations, BDJ acquired substantially all of the assets and liabilities of BDV and BDT, respectively, each in a tax-free transaction in exchange for an equal aggregate value of newly-issued common shares of BDJ.