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BDVBourse des Voyages (French: Travel Exchange)
BDVBorna Disease Virus
BDVBorder Disease Virus (sheep)
BDVBreakdown Voltage
BDVBureau des Vidéos (French video publishing company)
BDVBoom Defence Vessel (UK Royal Navy)
BDVBlowdown Valves (oil & gas production, engineering)
BDVBibliothèque Départementale de la Vienne (French: County Library in Vienne; Vienne, France)
BDVBiologie du Vieillissement (French: Biology of Aging)
BDVBulletin Dei Verbum (Latin; quarterly Catholic publication)
BDVBibliothèque Départementale de la Vendée (French library)
BDVBasic Distance Verification
BDVBudget Day Value
BDVBinary Decision Variable
BDVBanque de Vizille (French bank)
BdVBund der Vertriebenen (German: League of Displaced Persons)
BDVBundesverband Deutscher Vertriebsfirmen (German: Federal Association of German Distributors)
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Population mortality is forecasted using the extension of the Lee-Carter (1992) model proposed by BDV (2002a).
Antibodies against BDV were found in 8/105 specimens (Table) at serum dilutions ranging from 1:40 for Mus musculus mouse #1008, 1:80 for M.
With regard to (1), selection to produce batches with increased or decreased mortality had been made based on mortality results in RA, because the summer mortality was the highest at that site, whereas it was intermediate at Ronce and the lowest at BDV (Degremont et al.
Since UMM recommends using a set of hierarchically pre-defined business and process areas according to the Common Business Process Catalog (CBPC) [24], the package structure of the BDV differs only by the modeler's choice of package constellations.
The working hypothesis is that if, in some patients, psychosis is indeed associated with a mild underlying encephalopathy [triggered by BDV infection], removing inflammatory products and activated T cells could normalize immune activity," Dr.
In addition, Bode's group reported, antigens that spark the release of BDV antibodies appear more often in the blood cells of people with mood disorders.
Virus replication was demonstrated by indirect immunofluorescence by using polyclonal serum specimens, which cross-reacted reliably with ABV antigen, from rats experimentally infected with BDV (25).
My intent is to surround this outstanding product with enhanced sales and service to enable BDV to grow to new heights.
The Company's patented Simulated Breakdown Screening (SBDS) is a non-destructive testing technique that simulates capacitor BDV without damaging the capacitor.
Percentage identities were similar between the HoBi-like strain from Italy and BDV and CSFV reference isolates.
The promotion urged children: "Ask Daddy, Big Brother, Uncle Bill, Sister Sue, Sister's Sweetheart and the next door neighbour and every smoker you know to smoke BDV cigarettes and save you the coupons.
HHHHBlues CD of the week Billy Jenkins - When The Crowds Have Gone (Babel BDV 2450) pounds 13.