BDYBerufsverband der Yogalehrenden (German: Professional Association of Yoga)
BDYBund Deutscher Yogalehrer (German: German Yoga Federation)
BDYBerger Devine Yaeger (est. 1973; Kansas City, MO; architects)
BDYBibliothèque Départementale des Yvelines (French library)
BDYBindley Western Industries, Inc. (stock symbol; Indianapolis, IN)
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PVG and BDY, while being sister companies, are subsidiaries of FSG.
Flagship brand and project of BenDiYi, Pandia Park, a children's play park best known for its creative and innovative blending of education with pleasure via family-oriented activities, will be known within the Company(ies) as PP1, and will be operated and governed by BDY.
What: BDY Presentation at Redchip Partners Fall New York Investor Conference 2003 When: September 18, 2003 @ 9:00 a.
Looking toward future earnings, BDY officials projected 2004 net sales of 94 million, and earnings per share of $1.
Click the following link to see the Daily Chart of BDY Since December 2003 With 10-Day and 20-Day Moving Averages: http://www.