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BEACONBeach Erosion Authority for Clean Oceans and Nourishment (California)
BEACONBusiness, Economic, and Community Outreach Network (Salisbury University; Salisbury, MD)
BEACONBuilding Eastern Africa Community Network (Nairobi, Kenya)
BEACONBoston Exchange Automated Communication Order-Routing Network (Boston Stock Exchange)
BEACONBecome Employed at Career Online Network (University of Rhode Island)
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Athos turned around with an effort; the sight of the young man was evidently painful to him, and there he still was, in fact, on the rock, the beacon shedding around him, as it were, a doubtful aureole.
But hard upon that came the desperate attempt of a party of young clubmen from New York, who, inspired by patriotic and adventurous imaginations, slipped off in half a dozen motor-cars to Beacon Hill, and set to work with remarkable vigour to improvise a fort about the Doan swivel gun that had been placed there.
He stopped paddling the moment that he descried the gleaming beacon of hope ahead of him.
Its lighthouse beacon flared through the mist like a baleful star, and was answered by another in the far horizon.
Our Aunt Hancock lived in the Governor's house, on Beacon Hill, at that time.
Just as full as the budget itself, and like the budget again, as complicated as it looks simple; and I set it as a warning, a beacon, at the edge of this hole, this gulf, this volcano, called, in the language of the 'Constitutionel,' 'the political horizon.
The people of the Westerns wrought then a mound over the sea: it was high and broad, easy to behold by the sailors over the waves, and during ten days they built up the beacon of the war- renowned, the mightiest of fires.
It may have been lighted by some good, honest farmer-man, bent on tidying up his sugar orchard, but it may also, for anything we know, have been kindled by no earthly woodman as a beacon or summons to the tribes of fairyland, and may vanish away if we tarry.
Just one of earth's many millions of homes, Anne--girl--but ours-- OURS--our beacon in `a naughty world.
Not to many men surely, the depot, the post-office, the bar-room, the meeting-house, the school-house, the grocery, Beacon Hill, or the Five Points, where men most congregate, but to the perennial source of our life, whence in all our experience we have found that to issue, as the willow stands near the water and sends out its roots in that direction.
Margaret's head turned very stupid, and the inside of it seemed to revolve like the beacon in a lighthouse.
To lay down on the rocks, a stick, or any straight thing to guide my hand, exactly in the line of the beacon and the flagstaff.