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BEASBEA Systems, Inc. (stock abbreviation, AMEX)
BEASBureau of Elder and Adult Services (Maine)
BEASBoeing Employees' Astronomical Society (Seattle, WA)
BEASBusiness English Advantage Series (corporate and government English language training program; Tokyo, Japan and Burlingame, CA; est. 1987)
BEASBritish Educational Administration Society (UK)
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Throwing caution to the wind, tourists can be seen standing in the middle of Beas and other Himachal rivers.
Without a suitor, BEA may struggle for some time and its shares could drift lower, as larger, wealthier competitors (the potential suitors) spend big R&D bucks to catch up to BEA's superior software, so there is some risk.
According to Zacks, only eight of the 25 analysts following BEAS rate it a "buy" or better, while 14 rate it a "hold" and three rate it a "strong sell.
However, BEAS has successfully tested support at a 50- percent correction level (9.
BEA Systems (NASDAQ:BEAS) has shown its face on our midday most-active options list, thanks to heavy put action on its January 10 call contract (BUC AB).
Rivers Beas and Parvati, which act as an important water recource for Himachal Pradesh, have been facing a severe threat because of accumulation of garbage and otherndustrial wastes which deposit on its river beds.
CINCINNATI -- Today's Schaeffer's Midday Options Update Features BEAS Systems (NASDAQ:BEAS), J.
1 D/S Dhilwan along river Beas in District Kapurthala - - - -Shank Portion of A/Spur RD.
Contract notice: Construction of new buildings bakery company beas, as in designing the new building plans
Get this expert's technical analysis and learn about Fisher Scientific (NYSE:FSH), BEA Systems (NASDAQ:BEAS), Red Hat (NASDAQ:RHAT), Charles Schwab (NYSE:SCH), and Bristol-Myers Squibb (NYSE:BMY).
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