BEBABritish Egyptian Business Association (Giza, Egypt)
BEBABuilding and Enhancing Bonding and Attachment (est. 1993; Santa Barbara, CA)
BEBABinary Exponential Backoff Algorithm
BEBABirth Mothers Exploited by Adoption
BEBABehoud Erfgoed Brandweer Amsterdam (Dutch: Amsterdam Fire Service Heritage Conservation; Amsterdam, Netherlands)
BEBABirthing Evolution, Birthing Awareness (Santa Barbara, CA)
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According to El-Yazal, BEBA is coordinating with Reuters news agency to hold a huge investment conference hosting international investors to present the reality of the Egyptian economy and the recent reforms.
I was flooded with gratitude for my loyal best friend, who had chosen to believe me over her own beba.
Beba Eid Hamati's collection of watercolors and ink drawings on rice paper is less "ubiquitous" than Velilla's artwork.
REWARD Pharmacy graduate Hannah Beba, right, with colleague Dr Amal Ali Elkordy
The programme is called Beba sasa na Barclaycard and allows credit card holders to repay debts in monthly instalments.
However, the program suffers from lack of funding and scarcity of resources, said program manager Beba Pradvit.
Exemplo 1: O silencio do outro lado foi tao profundo que o Roni deu-lhe depressa uma segunda dose, beba, meu bem, que voce esta quase desmaiando.
The sacred door and other stories; Cameroon folktales of the Beba.
Ada Fishman, a member of the first two Knessets, and founder and first secretary of Mo'etzet ha-Po'alot (the Women's Workers' Council of the Histadrut and a sister organization of Pioneer Women), Beba Idelson, a member of the first five Knessets as well as being a Deputy Speaker and successor to Fishman as secretary of the Womens' Workers' Council, and Yitzhak Ben Zvi's wife, Rachel Yanait, a founder and prominent member of Achdut ha-Avodah (The Workers' Unity Party) and a Haganah leader in Jerusalem, all played significant roles.
The poem begins with the command beba (drink) and then rewrites the imperative to babe (drool).