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BEDOBurst Extended Data Out (RAM)
BEDOBali Export Development Organization (Indonesia)
BEDOBlack Elected Democrats of Ohio (now Ohio Legislative Black Caucus)
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Arastirmanin amaclari dogrultusunda, hukumlu ve tutuklularin suc turlerine iliskin olcek toplam puan ortalamalari (BDE, BEDO, UO, IDO, KODO, DO) arasinda fark olup olmadigini test etmek icin Tek Yonlu Varyans Analizleri (ANOVA) yapilmistir.
Lorenzo Rossi di Montelera said: "I am very pleased to welcome Jean-Christophe Bedos as the successor to the President and CEO.
Bedos JP, Chastang C, Lucet J et al: Early predictors of outcome for HIV patients with neurological failure.
Connu comme etant un acteur accompli du domaine theatral et cinematographique,Guy Bedos se produit les 5, 6 et 7 novembre a Alger, avec son spectacle theatral [beaucoup moins que]Rideau[beaucoup plus grand que], a la salle Ibn Zeydoun.
Bruneel F, Gachot B, Wolff M, Bedos JR Regnier B, Danis M, et al.
Here we have, then, an actual representation of eighteenth-century organ performance, one that was commended by Dom Bedos himself (the author of a famous treatise on organ building) as a faithful rendering of good organ playing.
Azoulay-Dupuis E, Bedos JP, Mohler J, Peytavin G, Isturiz R, Moine P, et al.
Bedos will assume the role of the Company's President & CEO.
Auburtin M, Porcher R, Blameel IF, Seanvic A, Trouillet JL, Bedos JP, et al.
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