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BEDOBurst Extended Data Out (RAM)
BEDOBali Export Development Organization (Indonesia)
BEDOBlack Elected Democrats of Ohio (now Ohio Legislative Black Caucus)
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Ayni sekilde, anlamli bir fark olmamakla birlikte (p=0,178) annesi okuryazar olmayan, okuryazar olan ve ilkokul mezunu olan ogrencilerin (36,57[+ or -]8,58), annesinin ogrenim duzeyi ortaokul, lise, yuksekokul olan ogrencilere (35,42[+ or -]8,53) gore BEDO puanlari daha yuksekti.
Arastirmanin amaclari dogrultusunda, hukumlu ve tutuklularin suc turlerine iliskin olcek toplam puan ortalamalari (BDE, BEDO, UO, IDO, KODO, DO) arasinda fark olup olmadigini test etmek icin Tek Yonlu Varyans Analizleri (ANOVA) yapilmistir.
For more on the Constable's life and career, see Bedos Rezak.
The amount volatized from agricultural fields can be considerable: for some pesticides, up to 90% of the application amount may volatize [reviewed by Bedos et al.
9 letter, a copy of which was obtained by PCD&M, Airbus France director of procurement quality and supply chain equipment Jean-Philippe Bedos explained: "For Airbus, both directives and the associated planning are applicable.
After a brief appreciation, by Cecil Clutton, of Susi Jeans's influence, the much-lamented Peter le Huray discusses an important source of information for the performance of French keyboard music in the eighteenth century: Engramelle's instructions for pinning the cylinders of mechanical instruments, which were included in Bedos de Celles's L'Art du facteur d'orgues.
Instruments of this type remained in use, at least in France, until the end of the 18th century: see Dom Francois Bedos de Celles, L'art du facteur d'orgues, iv (Paris, 1778), pl.
Humoriste, editorialiste, dramaturge, ecrivain, comedien et humaniste,Guy Bedos evoluera bientot aux cotes de Mohamed Fellag, pour les besoins d'un film intitule [beaucoup moins que]Le beau temps perdu[beaucoup plus grand que].
Su pardavimu' bedos nebus, tik turek ka parduoti Vvr.
Dom Bedos de Celles: memorialiste universal de la facture d'orgue.