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BEEBureau Européen de l'Environnement (French: European Environmental Bureau; environmental advocacy coalition; est. 1974)
BEEBiomass Energy Europe (EU)
BEEBiodiversité, Ecologie, Evolution (French: Biodiversity, Ecology, Evolution)
BEEBiometric Experimentation Environment
BEEBiomedical Engineering Education
BEEBusiness Environment Europe
BEEBabson Entrepreneurial Exchange
BEEBiotechnologie et Economie de l'Entreprise (French: Biotechnology and Economics of Enterprise; Paris Diderot University; France)
BEEBureau des Etudiants d'Echange (French: Office of Student Exchange)
BEEBio-Environmental Engineer
BEEBest Emulsifying Equipment (International Ltd)
BEEBundesverband Erneuerbare Energie eV (Germany: federal association of renewable energy)
BEEBand Edge Energy
BEEBearing Error Eliminator
BEEBehavioural Evidence Evaluation
BEEBlogging Environment for Eearning
BEEBachelor of Ecology and Environmental Science
BEEBabson Executive Education (Babson Park, MA)
BEEBritish Empire Exhibition (1924-1925; UK)
BEEBureau of Energy Efficiency (India)
BEEBlack Economic Empowerment (affirmative action initiative of the South African government)
BEEBasic Electricity and Electronics
BEEBachelor of Electrical Engineering
BEEBasal Energy Expenditure
BEEBallistic Electron Emission
BEEBlack Economic Empowerment Group (South Africa)
BEEBusiness Efficiency Exhibition
BEEBrett Easton Ellis (author)
BEEBuilding Energy Efficiency (real estate standard; various locations)
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answered the bee, 'then you may comfort yourself; for before the sun goes down to-morrow night a palace shall be built unlike any that King has dwelt in before.
The morning wind gently rocked them to and fro, and the sun shone warmly down upon the dewy grass, where butterflies spread their gay wings, and bees with their deep voices sung among the flowers; while the little birds hopped merrily about to peep at them.
An Indian trader, well experienced in the country, informs us that within ten years that he has passed in the Far West, the bee has advanced westward above a hundred miles.
Don't be unkind, Melissa," said a young bee, impressed by the chaste folds of the Wax-moth's wing, which hid her ceaseless egg-dropping.
So he kept his distance by ear, reserving his last effort for the rush across the Bee Rocks.
Have slept with the bee - Arouse them my maiden, On moorland and lea - Go
The bees circle round a queenless hive in the hot beams of the midday sun as gaily as around the living hives; from a distance it smells of honey like the others, and bees fly in and out in the same way.
We may imagine that stream of white lava had flowed from many parts of the mountain into the lower country, and that when solidified they had bee rent by some enormous convulsion into myriads of fragments.
pepil who sase to the kontrari must bee veri wiket pepil in thare
We are not such snobs as to think better or worse of a bee because it can claim kinship with the
I object to being required to model my proceedings according to the proceedings of the bee, or the dog, or the spider, or the camel.
There was no sound but the high, singsong buzz of wild bees and the sunny gurgle of the water underneath.