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BEEPBest Educational E-Practices
BEEPBrake Effectiveness Evaluation Procedure (automotive engineering)
BEEPBest e-Europe Practices (EU)
BEEPBlocks Extensible Exchange Protocol framework (IETF)
BEEPBattalion Equipment Evaluation Program
BEEPBlack Executive Exchange Program (visiting professor organization)
BEEPBallona Ecosystem Education Project (Los Angeles, CA)
BEEPBusiness Energy Efficiency Program
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Beep cards are sold in all MRT-3 stations and will soon be available in some stores.
Pitching in beep baseball is all about maintaining a constant cadence with the hitter.
I've also noticed that I can never get away from the beeps.
By integrating the Beep Science OMA DRM Agent, mobile operators, service and content providers can protect their content property rights while ensuring high-quality downloaded content continues to drive revenue and profits.
Chris Hughes: I cannot think of any major changes in our routine except that now we spend considerable time micro-managing non-musical aspects of Beep Beep (design, video, advertising, publishing, etc).
First I heard the steady beep, beep, beep of the heart monitor go silent.
Holding this thin bit of metal-coated plastic between index finger and thumb, my glasses up against the small viewing hole, I pressed a nearly invisible button and it emitted a small beep.
an innovative developer of networked storage software, has released PermaBEEP, an open source implementation of the BEEP standard.
So Bohemian Rhapsody goes something like this - "Beep - beep - beep - beep" - and Beethoven's Ninth goes like this - "Beep - beep - beep - beep".
If you're tuned to "Let's Talk," for instance, and a Lovegety of the opposite sex tuned to the same message comes within range, both Lovegeties beep.
Set the watch to beep at your 200-meter split time.
MINNEAPOLIS -- Beep is a robot who hungers for adventure.