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BEEPSBusiness Environment and Enterprise Performance Survey (World Bank)
BEEPSBuilding Energy and Environment Performance System
BEEPSBoeing Employees' Everett Prospecting Society (Everett, WA)
BEEPSBalloon Electrical Environment Profiling Systems
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Kapit chair Vigor Mendoza III said a 24-seater BEEP can service as many as 600 passengers a day, compared to current models that can carry only half that number.
If you fail to reach the end of the shuttle before the beep, you are normally allowed to try two or three more shuttles to try and make up the pace before the test ends.
I realize there is probably a setting on my phone to defeat the beeps, but I haven't found it yet.
Are you referring to requests for celebrity favors and name-dropping, or are you referring to word games inspired by our band name like, "Hey Hey, there's Beep Beep," or "I think Beep Beep sucks sucks.
There's not even any escape in the car which constantly beeps to tell me I've left the side lights on - "Yes I know I have.
Two studies of the animals' beeps find that their heating is differently tuned in ways likely to affect their mating and hunting.