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BEGINBuilding Equity and Growth in Neighborhoods (California)
BEGINBasic Education for Growth Initiative (Japan)
BEGINBabies Early Growth Intervention Network (Atlanta, GA)
BEGINBasic Educational Guidance in Nottingham (UK)
BEGINBusiness Exploration, Guidance, Instruction and Networking
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But I did not notice the door from the passage softly and slowly open at that instant and a figure come in, stop short, and begin staring at us in perplexity I glanced, nearly swooned with shame, and rushed back to my room.
A person does not begin a course in Art or Music Appreciation with a fully developed sense of awe and wonder, but acquires an appreciation of a particular style of music or period of art after spending much time studying it and its place within history.
As millions begin to crave fish for low-fat dinners and omega-3 anti-oxidants, aquatic populations crash.
The hands begin to rise to face level, the pivot foot moves into a parallel position astride the rubber, and the stride knee rises to a point even with the belt line.
Summer will begin on June 21 in the Northern Hemisphere, when the North Pole has its greatest slant toward the sun.
Maggie and Kate: A Friendship Begins is a 'read to' work for the target audience and a 'read alone' for student mentors third grade and beyond reading level.
It will begin operating four nonstops a week beginning June 2.
In the past several years, the big push to develop and actually begin using EPC technology has come from Wal-Mart and the U.
The Second Sunday after Christmas continues the transition in which the community first hears God's new song and then begins the task of learning to sing that song for themselves.
However, a lesser-used, but equally valuable, use for the text is to begin the process of teaching the concept of form.
From the age of 60 onward, the female shape begins to lose its shape.