BEHBulletin Épidémiologique Hebdomadaire
BEHBehind Enemy Lines (movie)
BEHBulgarian Energy Holding (Bulgaria)
BEHBail Emphytéotique Hospitalier (French: Hospital Emphyteutic Lease)
BEHBureau of Environmental Health (Ohio)
BEHBureau of Education for the Handicapped
BEHBenton Harbor, MI, USA - Ross Field (Airport Code)
BEHBovine Enzootic Hematuria (Bracken Fern Poisoning)
BEHBiens d'Equipements Hôteliers (French: Hoteliers Capital Equipment; Tunisia)
BEHB'Ezrat Hashem (Hebrew: with God's Help)
BEHBassin Expertise Habitat (French: Basin Habitat Expertise; Gironde, France)
BEHBenedum Engineering Hall (University of Pittsburgh)
BEHBreak-Even Hours
BEHBackground Edge Histogram
BEHBuilt Environment and Health (Columbia University; New York)
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In the tender process, BEH has tried to raise funds throughA a loan or bond issue to enable its heavily indebted subsidiary National Electricity Company (NEK) to repay debt owed to the Bulgarian units of U.
Upon completion of the transaction, the Company and BEH will each hold a 50% interest in Bridas, and will jointly make management decisions.
BEH signed the contract with Greece's Depa and Italy's Edison on the development of the link-up on July 14, a day before a deadline for European Union funding for the project expired.
The five board members are Dimitrov's former deputy Galina Tosheva, who was appointed interim chief executive of BEH in September 2008; Bulgargaz board member Dimitar Dimitrov; Bulgargaz chief executive Dimitar Gogov; former general secretary of the Finance Ministry Tencho Popov; and the executive director of the state-owned nuclear waste storage company Boris Pekov
Net cash flows from the financing activities of BEH in 2014 were negative, at BGN -84.
In 1972, the BEH subsidiary stopped using asbestos in its products, and in 1975 shut down its entire insulation plant.
Historically BEH is the state-owned energy operator in Bulgaria.
Such restrictions limit purchasers' freedom to choose where to resell the electricity bought from BEH.
BEH, a manufacturer of ventilation systems, acoustical ceilings and thermal insulation products, had a small product line containing about 10 percent asbestos -- asbestos that BEH bought from Johns-Manville and the U.
Jacquelin Cohen, Executive Director of BEH, announced Thursday that the working group had to present its conclusion on the funding of the project too.
Ex-economy and energy minister Dragomir Stoinev said that a contract between BEH and Gazprom was in progress which would permit any Bulgarian Black Sea gas found in the future to be carried onshore via South Stream.
As regards debs of Toplofikatsiya Sofia to BEH, talks are underway for deferred payment because the company cannot settle it in the short term,a he said, as cited by Pressa daily.