BEHLBeijing Enterprises Holdings Limited
BEHLBetter Ear Hearing Level
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TAYLOR BEHL WAS A PRETTY, SYMPATHETIC, AND emotionally trusting 17-year-old freshman who came to the city of Richmond in late summer to begin studies at Virginia Commonwealth University.
Taking action - Storage and retrieval of mechanical equipment and optomechanical sometimes fragile and means of support in building support BEHL (about 2000 m2 floor area, fitted shelving for vertical storage) located in zone 1 Laseris next Cesta ,- Transfer of equipment or means of BEHL to other buildings in the area Laseris 1 to LMJ or other buildings Cesta,- Reorganization BEHL (modification of its storage capacity, relocation of stocks)- Inventory tracking,- Regulatory controls BEHL and means (eg cranes).
The Behls bought it for $2,000 in October 1946 from Margaret Douglas.